Blue Planet Releases Advanced LiFePO4 Battery System

[Honolulu, HI] Blue Planet Energy designed its lithium iron phosphate (LFP) energy storage platform to optimize performance and value for off-grid, backup and self-supply applications. Putting an emphasis on total cost of ownership and safe operation, the company selected LFP cell technology for its durability and inherent thermal and chemical stability. The Blue Ion 2.0 integrates Sony Electronics’ maintenance-free LFP cells and Blue Planet Energy management software into a 24-by-24-by-39-inch enclosure. Backed by a 15-year performance warranty, the platform is scalable in 8 kWh increments and has a nominal system voltage of 48 Vdc, allowing for direct replacement of lead-acid batteries; it is rated for 8,000 cycles at a 100% depth of discharge. Users can remotely monitor key performance metrics via the Blue Ion System Monitoring mobile app.

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