APsystems Introduces High-Power Dual-Input Microinverter

[Seattle, WA] APsystems has expanded its microinverter family with the introduction of the dual-MPPT YC500i microinverter. The dual-module unit has a peak power rating of 274 W per side (548 W total) and a maximum continuous power rating of 500 W. It can be programmed for 240 Vac and 208 Vac services. The YC500i has a maximum input voltage of 55 Vdc, an operating voltage range of 16 Vdc–52 Vdc and an MPPT voltage range of 22 Vdc–45 Vdc. Up to seven units (14 modules) can be installed on a 20 A ac branch circuit. The YC500i utilizes a trunk cable, offering installers an alternative to the daisy-chain design of APsystems’ YC500A microinverter for installers who favor trunk cable architecture and for markets where regulatory bodies prefer an integrated ground.

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