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In a world of changing energy needs, complex utility rates and evolving regulations, the need for adaptable renewable energy solutions is leading the renewable energy conversation. OutBack Power’s response is a new class of renewable energy system, the SkyBox™ True Hybrid Energy System. In the context of SkyBox, true hybrid refers to not only its integrated design, but also its ability to function as a traditional grid-tied inverter, as a battery-based, grid-connected energy management system or even as a totally off-grid system.

The fully programmable 5 kW SkyBox measures and monitors power to and from any connection point—utility, solar, battery, generator and load—to dynamically optimize energy production and consumption based on an individual owners’ energy profile. For owners not yet ready to install a battery-based system, SkyBox can be installed and commissioned without batteries today and will easily accept batteries later, with no retrofitting of the PV system or ac-coupling required.

In addition to offering hybrid flexibility to end-users, SkyBox is designed to take the complexity out of installing and commissioning a battery-based system. Compatible with a wide range of 48 V battery chemistries, installers benefit from the single-box design that eliminates the need for external charge controllers and communications equipment, reducing installation time and cost. A high-voltage 400 Vdc bus supports long array strings, which eliminates the need for rooftop fuses and disconnects, further reducing cost and complexity. Skybox is fully compliant with the grid-support requirements outlined in UL 1741 SA and adopted under California Rule 21 and HECO Rule 14H, thereby eliminating regulatory uncertainty in two of the largest solar markets in the US.

As a member of the Alpha Group of companies, OutBack Power leverages the collective expertise and resources that come from Alpha’s more than 40-year history of designing, manufacturing and supporting power solutions for fault-intolerant and mission-critical applications.

—OutBack Power / Arlington, WA / outbackpower.com

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