Central Inverters for Utility-Scale PV Plants (2016)

SolarPro’s 2016 utility-scale central inverter specification dataset provides PV plant designers with a high-level comparison of the electrical and mechanical specifications for inverter models that are well suited for centralized, large solar applications. The products included in the following table have an ac output capacity of 250 kW at 50°C or greater, and their makers currently offer and support them in the US market (with a few exceptions).

While many US solar developers now consider decentralized designs that utilize high-capacity 3-phase string inverters for projects up to 10 MW or even larger, central inverter platforms are still currently the standard for most utility-scale projects over 10 MW in the US. As a result, we continue to see the rapid advancement of central inverters and platforms that integrate them into blocks that can process 2 MW or more of PV power.

The aggregated specifications presented here cover 58 central inverter models from 10 manufacturers. Most of the included solutions are listed to the UL 1741 standard. In addition, 19 currently available models from six manufacturers (ABB, Ingeteam, Power Electronics, SMA America, Sungrow and TMEIC) are listed for deployment in 1,500 Vdc systems, which is becoming the new standard for many utility-scale PV plants.

Joe Schwartz / SolarPro / Ashland, OR / solarprofessional.com


ABB / 877.261.1374 / abb.com/solarinverters

Eaton / 855.386.7657 / eaton.com/solar

Ingeteam / 855.821.7190 / ingeteam.com

KACO new energy / 210.446.4238 / kaco-newenergy.com

Power Electronics / 602.354.4890 / power-electronics.com

Schneider Electric / 888.778.2733 / sesolar.com

SMA America / 916.625.0870 / sma-america.com

Sungrow USA / 510.656.1259 / en.sungrowpower.com

TMEIC / 540.283.2000 / tmeic.com

Yaskawa–Solectria Solar / 978.683.9700 / solectria.com

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