2013 Central Inverter Specifications: 600 Vdc Models

This issue of SolarPro included two central inverter specifications datasets that include more than 160 models available to integrators working in the US or Canadian solar markets. Due to the expansion of manufacturers’ 1,000 Vdc inverter product lines for the utility-scale market, we have assembled two separate groups of specifications. The first dataset, included in the “Central Inverters for Utility-Scale Applications” article, lists specifications for 83 inverter models with dc input voltages of more than 600 Vdc with rated power outputs of 500 kWac or greater. Because many of these models are deployed in utility-owned behind-the-fence projects, listing to the UL 1741 standard was not a requirement for inclusion.

The aggregated specifications in the following table cover 81 models from 17 manufacturers. The included products have dc input voltages of up to 600 Vdc with rated power outputs of 30 kWac or greater. Listing to the UL 1741 standard was required for inclusion in this dataset. In addition, with a few noted exceptions, the products contained in this table are listed as eligible for the California Solar Initiative incentive program per SB1 guidelines as of September 1, 2012. The majority of the products in the 600 Vdc dataset have been developed for small to large commercial installations, but several units with rated power outputs of 500 kWac are well suited for utility-scale PV projects that require the inverters to be listed to the UL 1741 standard.

This year’s 600 Vdc inverter specifications dataset includes six manufacturers that were not active in the North American small or large commercial markets when we aggregated data for our previous central inverter specifications dataset (see December/January 2012, SolarPro magazine). These manufacturers are Chint Power, GE Energy, Ideal Power Converters, SanRex, Santerno and TMEIC. Additionally, several manufacturers with an established presence in the US and Canadian markets have expanded their product lines with new offerings.

The specifications published here are also available in Microsoft Excel format. SolarPro permits and encourages the integration of this Excel-based data with databases your company has developed for system design or internal product-tracking activities.


Joe Schwartz / SolarPro magazine / Ashland, OR / solarprofessional.com
Doug Puffer / SolarPro magazine / Ashland, OR / solarprofessional.com


Advanced Energy / 800.446.9167 / advanced-energy.com
Chint Power / 972.761.3992 / chintpower.com
Eaton / 855.386.7657 / eaton.com
Fronius USA / 877.376.6487 / fronius.com
GE Energy / ge-energy.com
Ideal Power Converters / 512.264.1542 / idealpowerconverters.com
Ingeteam / 408.524.2929 / ingeteam.com
KACO new energy / 415.931.2046 / kaco-newenergy.com
Power-One / 877.261.1374 / power-one.com
SanRex / 516.625.1313 / sanrex.com
Santerno / 415.293.8272 / santerno.com
Satcon Technology / 888.728.2664 / satcon.com
Schneider Electric / 888.778.2733 / schneider-electric.com
SMA America / 916.625.0870 / sma-america.com
Solectria Renewables / 978.683.9700 / solren.com
Sungrow Power Supply / 905.760.8618 / sungrowpower.com
TMEIC / 540.283.2000 / tmeic.com

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