2012 Grid-Direct String Inverter Specifications Single- and 3-Phase Products for North America

Each year, members of SolarPro’s technical staff assemble a comprehensive dataset that includes specifications for all string-inverter products that are available in North America. The end result of this lengthy and detailoriented process is a resource that allows industry professionals with system-design and product-procurement roles to efficiently compare stringinverter design and operation parameters. The assembled dataset also provides some interesting high-level information that identifies manufacturers that have expanded their product lines in the past year, as well as new entrants to the North American solar inverter market.

The updated 2012 String Inverter Specifications Table includes 121 products from 18 manufacturers. Notably, compared to our 2011 string inverter dataset, six manufacturers— Carlo Gavazzi, Chint Power Systems, Eaton, Eltek, Growatt New Energy and REFUsol—have introduced products and established sales offices in the US. This represents a 33% increase in manufacturers vying for market share in the US and Canadian markets. In addition, a number of manufacturers have added non-isolated, transformerless string inverters to their overall product lines.

The SolarPro team worked closely with the various inverter manufacturers during the specification collection and assembly process. The listed specifications were sourced from manufacturers’ cut sheets or provided by the manufacturers directly. For inclusion, inverter products were required to be listed to the UL 1741 standard, identified on the CEC’s list of eligible inverters per SB1 guidelines and be in full production and available in the North American market. Single- and 3-phase string inverters with rated outputs of up to 30 kWac are included in our 2012 dataset.

The complete single- and 3-phase string-inverter dataset is also available to SolarPro subscribers in Microsoft Excel format at solarprofessional.com. We permit (and encourage) the integration of the Excel-based data with databases your company has developed for internal product tracking and system-design activities.


Doug Puffer / SolarPro magazine / Ashland, OR / solarprofessional.com

Joe Schwartz / SolarPro magazine / Ashland, OR / solarprofessional.com


Advanced Energy / 800.446.9167 / advanced-energy.com

Carlo Gavazzi / 847.465.6100 / gavazzionline.com/solar

Chint Power Systems / 972.761.3992 / chintpower.com/en

Delta Energy Systems / 520.326.8401 / deltaenergysystems.com

Eaton / 877.386.2273 / eaton.com

Eltek / 469.330.9100 / eltek.com

Exeltech / 800.886.4683 / exeltech.com

Fronius USA / 810.220.4414 / fronius.com

Growatt New Energy / 832.615.5047 / growattusa.com

Ingeteam / 262.240.9850 / ingeteam.com

KACO new energy / 415.931.2046 / kaco-newenergy.com

Motech Industries / 302.451.7500 / motech-americas.com

Power-One / 805.987.8741 / power-one.com

REFUsol / 408.775.7744 / americas.refusol.com

Schneider Electric / 847.397.2600 / schneider-electric.com

SMA America / 916.625.0870 / sma-america.com

SolarEdge / 530.273.3096 / solaredge.com

Solectria Renewables / 978.683.9700 / solren.com

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