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JLM Energy

Based in Rocklin, California, JLM Energy designs and manufactures products for energy storage, management and control. It specializes in proprietary software developed in-house for automation and component integration. Founded in 2011, JLM Energy has two core products for residential applications—the Energizr 100 and the Energizr 200. Both use specific configurations of the JLM Battery Pack. Each lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack has a nominal voltage of 52 Vdc, a nominal capacity of 50 Ah, and an operating voltage range of 40–57.6 Vdc. JLM specifies a cycle life of 3,000 cycles at 80% DOD and discharge under 25°C, and a cycle life of 5,000 cycles at 50% DOD and discharge under 25°C. The Energizr 100 uses four Battery Packs configured in parallel for a nominal operating voltage of 52 Vdc and a capacity of 10.4 kWh. The higher-capacity Energizr 200 accommodates up to eight Battery Packs in series for a nominal voltage of 416 Vdc and a storage capacity of 20.8 kWh.

JLM developed the Energizr 100 primarily as a grid-independent system for backup power applications. Its design allows installers to integrate the battery system with a residence’s grid-direct PV system string inverter, electrical loads, the utility grid and even a backup ac generator. During a utility outage, the product creates a local microgrid that allows the grid-tied inverter to continue to generate energy for battery charging. If the grid is unavailable and the battery is at a full state of charge, the Energizr 100 regulates battery charging. In backup mode, the product has a continuous output power rating of 4,400 W and a 5-second surge of 8,500 W. The Energizr 100 is also compatible with AGM, gel and flooded lead-acid battery types. Measurz, JLM Energy’s cloud-based monitoring platform, monitors the system in real time.

The more feature-rich Energizr 200 offers peak load shaving and integrated support for smart thermostats, real-time whole-house power measurement and load control. JLM’s Measurz software analyzes user habits and provides efficiency recommendations for homeowners. The mobile app enables remote control of appliances, including HVAC systems and smart thermostats.

JLM Energy • Rocklin, California • 916.304.1603 •

Magnum Energy

Magnum Energy, founded in 2006, designs and manufactures inverter/chargers for mobile, marine, off-grid and backup power applications, as well as PV charge controllers, component integration panels and system monitoring equipment. The company’s DNA goes back to the formation of Trace Engineering in Arlington, Washington, in 1984. In 2014, Sensata Technologies, a supplier of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions, acquired Magnum.

Magnum was the first manufacturer to offer inverter/charger models with split-phase 120/240 Vac output in the US. Magnum designed its MS-PAE series of inverter/chargers to connect to the grid for ac battery charging, but never chose to develop utility-interactive models that export power to the utility grid without the integration of an ac-coupled third-party string or microinverter system. In hindsight, this was an interesting choice given the current shift to non-exporting PV systems in some US markets.

The MS-PAE 120/240 Vac series inverter/chargers are available in 24 Vdc and 48 Vdc nominal versions. The 48 Vdc MS4448PAE model has a continuous power rating of 4,400 W and surge capability to power larger inductive loads such as well pumps. The MS4448PAE has a 5-second surge rating of 8,500 W, a 30-second surge rating of 6,000 W, a 5-minute surge rating of 5,400 W and a 100-millisecond surge current rating of 40 Aac line-to-line. In 2015, Magnum launched its PT-100 solar charge controller, which is compatible with 12, 24 and 48 Vdc nominal battery systems and has a maximum output power rating of 6,600 W. Its maximum input voltage is the lower value of either 200 Vdc plus battery voltage or 240 Vdc. The PT-100 controller also provides GFDI and AFCI circuit protection. Magnum offers an extensive line of prewired Magnum Panels and accessories for component integration.

In 2016, Magnum announced its MicroGT 500 microinverter. Designed for integration with the company’s battery-based inverter/charger systems, as well as for use in grid-direct power export applications, the MicroGT 500 communicates seamlessly with Magnum Energy battery-based inverters in ac-coupled mode to taper charging based on temperature-compensated battery state of charge (SOC) parameters. Each dual-MPPT microinverter supports two PV modules. Magnum’s ECU communication interface allows system owners and integrators to monitor system PV production via a web-based dashboard.

Magnum Energy • Everett, Washington • 425.353.8833 •

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