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Solar Roots: The Pioneers of PV /

The birth of the terrestrial solar industry was not televised. Instead, a small tribe of backwoods engineers, counterculture technophiles and hippie entrepreneurs pioneered it, far from the city lights and centers of political power. These early adopters, many of whom had a green thumb and an affinity for the Grateful Dead, co-opted and democratized cold war–era space race technology to literally bring power to the people. Realizing that these venerable PV pioneers would not be around forever, Jeff Spies and Jason Vetterli spent 2 years traveling the country and interviewing more than 50 of the men and women who championed solar and gave birth to the home-power movement in the early 1980s. The result is the entertaining and educational documentary film Solar Roots: The Pioneers of PV. Aided by solar historian John Perlin, the film breathes life into the chronology of solar electricity, from early scientific discoveries in the 1800s and the Bell Solar Battery in the 1950s to the role of solar in space and its early terrestrial deployments in the 1970s. More poignantly, the film celebrates the colorful trailblazers and intrepid homesteaders who planted and nurtured the seed of the modern solar industry, chronicling their empowering origin story. The filmmakers have posted a 10-minute extended trailer online and will host an advanced screening at the Anaheim Marriott in one of SPI’s conference rooms. This special screening is scheduled for 4:30pm–6:30pm on Wednesday, September 26.

SOLARBOS • Booth 1760

SolarBOS / 925.456.7744 /

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Livermore, California, SolarBOS provides a wide variety of electrical balance of system (eBOS) components for the solar industry, including source-circuit combiners, source-circuit wire bundles, disconnect enclosures, overmolded wire harnesses and ac combiners. To provide timely service, the company has more than 65,000 square feet of combined manufacturing space between Livermore and Grand Rapids, Michigan. As commercial- and utility-scale project developers’ needs evolve over time based on changing market conditions or new code requirements, SolarBOS responds with products that provide reliable and cost-effective eBOS solutions. At SPI, the company will showcase ac combiner and rack solutions for distributed string inverter clusters or central inverter topologies. It will feature a new line of utility combiners for large-scale ground-mounted systems designed to facilitate quick installation and hassle-free mounting while maintaining the convenience of a combiner box for operations and maintenance. SolarBOS will also display an innovative combiner with higher-current (45 A) inputs, which reduces eBOS costs on sites deployed using three-string rows, a practice common on single-axis tracker projects.

SOLTEC • Booth 1450

Soltec / 510.440.9200 /

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Molina de Segura, Spain, Soltec is a multinational solar tracker manufacturer with facilities in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, and more than 750 employees worldwide. The company established its US operation in 2015 and recently appointed energy industry veteran Bill Overholt as general manager of its North American subsidiary. Soltec America is headquartered in Livermore, California, which serves as the base for its US sales, logistics and technical support. Soltec’s current-generation product line is the SF7 single-axis tracker, designed to provide the highest possible per-acre yield while withstanding extreme climates. The tracker integrates a proprietary fused wire harness that eliminates the need for combiner boxes and serves as a homerun trunk cable, conveniently routed inside the tracker torque tube. This product line includes the SF7 Bifacial, a single-axis tracker optimized for use with newer bifacial PERC modules. The SF7 Bifacial tracker design avoids backside shading by eliminating perpendicular rails and intentionally spreading the gap between modules at the torque tube location. The product is also fielded in a manner that increases diffuse irradiance capture on the backside of bifacial arrays, with double-wide service aisles and an elevated height profile. In July, Soltec America inaugurated the Bifacial Tracker Evaluation Center (BiTEC), also located in Livermore, where it will rigorously assess bifacial tracker performance in comparison to other PV applications, in partnership with bifacial module manufacturers, independent engineering firms and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


David Brearley / SolarPro / Ashland, OR /

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