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Vendor and Equipment Highlights

AURORA SOLAR • Booth 138

Aurora Solar /

San Francisco–based solar software developer Aurora Solar provides a cloud-based PV system sales and design platform, Aurora, which streamlines and automates everyday activities. Depending on their subscription plan, solar companies can use Aurora as a sales platform only or as an integrated sales and engineering platform. With an address and an electricity bill, Aurora users can determine a site’s solar potential, design the optimal photovoltaic system, perform financial analysis and create a beautiful sales proposal in about 10 minutes. Users with access to the engineering package can generate single-line diagrams exportable to ArcGIS, AutoCAD, SketchUp or Visio. This version of the software also verifies NEC compliance and autogenerates a bill of materials and a detailed cost breakdown. Annual subscription plans cost $135 or $220 per user per month for the basic (sales) or premium (sales and engineering) license, respectively. With 5 years of experience to draw from, Aurora Solar is redesigning its popular software platform from the ground up, incorporating features and capabilities designed to help users sell more solar. In addition to simplifying and streamlining the platform, the developers are adding new tools, such as automated obstruction detection and auto-stringing, to speed up users’ workflow. They are also scaling up project capacity support capabilities. Aurora users will soon be able to design multi-megawatt PV power systems for commercial rooftops or ground-mount applications.

CPS AMERICA • Booth 504

CPS America / 855.584.7168 /

Part of the Shanghai-based Chint Group, an industrial electrical equipment producer, CPS America is a subsidiary of Chint Power Systems, a global inverter supplier for clean energy applications. Founded in Texas, CPS America has been building its inverter business since 2009. The company recently earned the number one market share position in the US for 3-phase string inverters. To support this growing business, CPS America is expanding its US operations. The company has tripled the size of its original location near Dallas, home to the US service operations, engineering center, analysis laboratory and field technicians. The expanded location now also supports inverter assembly and customer training. The company also has facilities in California, including a fulfillment center in Pomona, as well as a training and support center in Pleasanton. The company’s most popular US product line includes 50 kW and 60 kW 3-phase string inverters that provide reactive power support of 55 kVA and 66 kVA, respectively. The company recently announced that these products are compatible with Tigo’s flexible module-level power electronics for NEC 2017 rapid-shutdown compliance. To address the needs of large-scale ground-mount applications, CPS America offers UL-listed 100 kW and 125 kW 1,500 V 3-phase string inverters with a rated output of 600 Vac.

DYNAPOWER • Booth 4145

Dynapower / 877.215.0487 /

Since 1963, Vermont-based Dynapower has provided power electronics—such as rectifiers, frequency converters, custom transformers, dc converters and energy storage inverters—to Fortune 500 companies, small enterprises, research institutions and government agencies. The company specializes in designing and building power conversion equipment for challenging applications, including metal finishing, mining, battery formation, chemical production and magnetic silencing for Navy ships. For more than a decade, the Dynapower Energy Storage Group has supplied utility- and commercial-scale power conversion equipment for energy storage applications, such as microgrids, solar-plus-storage, frequency regulation, demand charge reduction and backup power. The company offers not only behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter energy storage inverters, but also fully integrated energy storage systems complete with lithium-ion batteries. Most recently, Dynapower launched a partner program for traditional central inverter manufacturers that will allow OEM partners to include Dynapower’s parallelable 250 kW and 375 kW dc-to-dc converters in their utility-scale offerings.

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