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Vendor and Equipment Highlights

SOLATRIM • Booth 568

Based in Northern California, SolaTrim designed its eponyomous pest abatement barrier to protect and trim out rooftop PV arrays. The product comes in 48-inch lengths of diamond-stamped aluminum panels that are 0.025 inches thick and stiffened every 6 inches to prevent bending or warping. This design allows for air exchanges under the array but keeps out birds, rodents and debris. For aesthetic purposes, the company finishes the front side with a black polyester coating, which closely matches black or dark bronze module frames. After dry-fitting the SolaTrim, installers use tin snips to cut the pieces to fit, and then peel the cover off a high-strength foam-core adhesive strip and press the product firmly in place around the perimeter of the array. The peel-and-stick installation process is popular with rooftop crews. The manufacturer recently realized that it could also further reduce on-site labor by offering SolaTrim in two widths to accommodate different roofs and racks. Integrators can now choose between the original product, the ST-001 with a width of 6.75 inches, and the new ST-055 with a width of 5.5 inches. By offering two SolaTrim profiles, the company increases the number of applications where installers can apply the protective barrier without needing to trim its width.
SolaTrim / 916.292.8699 /

Large-Scale Applications

DELTA • Booth 2135

Established in 1971, Delta Group is a global leader in power and thermal management solutions that has core competencies in power electronics, automation and infrastructure. After playing a largely behind-the-scenes role in the US solar market as an OEM for other inverter vendors, Delta introduced its own North American residential and commercial inverter portfolio in 2016. At SPI 2017, Delta is expanding its commercial platform with the introduction of the company’s first high-voltage 3-phase string inverter. Delta’s commercial series M125U PV inverter is compatible with 1,500 Vdc plant designs, has a CEC-rated efficiency of 98.5% and offers dc arc-fault protection. The M125U’s all-in-one design includes string fuses, surge protection devices, and dc and ac switches. Its string monitoring function can record real-time performance values for up to 20 strings and display these via the communications interface. For durability, Delta opted for an electrolytic capacitor-free design and a NEMA 4 X enclosure. Installers can mount the M125U vertically or horizontally. With the addition of the 1,500 Vdc–rated M125U, Delta’s 3-phase commercial inverter M Series will include seven models ranging in capacity from 24 kW to 125 kW. The company also offers energy storage solutions for commercial and industrial applications.
Delta / 510.668.5100 /

EATON • Booth 3175

A global leader in power distribution and circuit protection, Eaton offers a wide variety of products and services for commercial- and utility-scale solar or storage applications. The company’s ac and dc electrical BOS solutions include circuit breaker– and fuse-based ac collection systems for 3-phase string inverter–based PV designs, high-efficiency Cooper Power series transformers with overcurrent protection devices, dc combiners and recombiners, dc wire harnesses, dc and ac switchboards, and power meters. To deploy 1,500 Vdc PV power plants, project designers and EPCs need access to appropriately rated dc BOS components. To address these changing industry needs, Eaton recently introduced a new Bussmann series of fuseholders for high-voltage solar installations. Eaton designed its CHPV15L85 1,500 Vdc–rated DIN rail-mounting fuseholder with worker safety in mind. Even when open, the fuseholder covers live parts to prevent technicians from accidentally contacting them. In addition to providing electrical BOS solutions, the company also offers plant control systems and engineering services for solar, energy storage and microgrid applications.
Eaton / 855.386.7657 /

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