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Vendor and Equipment Highlights

MAXIM INTEGRATED • Multiple booths

US-based Maxim Integrated is a publicly traded company that designs and manufactures integrated circuits for automotive, industrial, health care, mobile consumer and cloud data center markets. Leveraging its power semiconductor technology, Maxim has developed a microchip suitable for module integration that performs cell string–level dc optimization. Designed as a direct replacement for bypass diodes, Maxim’s cell string optimizers perform MPP tracking at the submodule level deep inside the junction box. Eliminating the binary (on-off) response associated with bypass diodes improves shade tolerance and energy harvest, as each cell string contributes its maximum power without interfering with the production of others. In addition to avoiding performance loss due to mismatch, degradation, soiling or shading, cell string optimization also enables design flexibility. Installers can accommodate multiple orientations, partial shading and up to 20% asymmetry in string lengths. At SPI 2017, the company’s module partners—ET Solar Group (Booth 4245), Hanwha Q Cells (Booth 3937), Jinko Solar (Booth 3965) and Trina Solar (Booth 3309) will display Maxim’s cell string–optimizer technology. To learn more about modeling the benefits of cell string–optimized array design, check out the Aurora software platform by Aurora Solar (Booth 1381).
Maxim Integrated / 888.629.4642 /


The global automotive manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is a division of the German company Daimler AG, best known for its luxury vehicles. It is also one of several global automotive manufacturers that are driving energy storage technology advancements for both vehicular and stationary applications. In May 2017, Mercedes-Benz Energy released its home energy storage system in California via a collaboration with Vivint Solar. The Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home is a modular platform that is scalable in 2.5 kWh increments and can integrate as many as eight battery modules for a maximum storage capacity of 20 kWh. Customers can use the platform to provide backup power or to store and dispatch solar-generated energy to take advantage of time-of-use rates. Each 2.5 kWh battery unit weighs 70 pounds, has a 9.8-by-11.4-inch footprint, stands 31.9 inches tall with the base and top installed, and carries a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty guaranteeing greater than 80% capacity in year 10. SPI 2017 attendees can learn more about Daimler’s plans to offer the Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home in  markets outside California and to expand its network of distribution partners.
Mercedes-Benz Energy /

PIKA ENERGY • Booth 2014

Founded in 2010 by MIT-educated engineers, Pika Energy manufactures high-efficiency bidirectional inverters, power converters and substring optimizers. The company designs all its products around a proprietary 380 V smart dc bus, the REbus DC Nanogrid, which allows power transmission, control and data acquisition all on the same wires. In June, Pika Energy announced a partnership with Panasonic Eco Solutions North America for a dc-coupled solar-plus-storage solution. The Pika Energy Island is a complete solar-ready nanogrid platform that consists of a bidirectional inverter and the company’s new smart battery solution. The Harbor Smart Battery integrates Panasonic’s lithium-ion battery technology into a slim, floor-standing, wall-secured enclosure that is 65 inches high by 22.5 inches wide by 8.7 inches deep and can provide 10 kWh or 15 kWh of storage capacity. The smart battery is directly compatible with the Pika Islanding Inverter, a 7.6 kW transformerless nanogrid inverter with an integrated automatic transfer switch. Since the unit outputs 120/240 Vac, it can run large residential loads without requiring an external autotransformer. The Pika Energy Island is suitable for residential backup power, self-supply and time-of-use applications.
Pika Energy / 207.887.9105 /

QUICK MOUNT PV • Booth 3339

Since 2006, Quick Mount PV has produced innovative, high-quality waterproof mounting systems for pitched roof solar applications that permit installations consistent with roofing industry best practices. The company’s most recent release, the L-Mount Series, is an integrated L-foot and flashing that incorporates the company’s patented Elevated Water Seal Technology. Designed with value in mind, the L-Mount Series does not require any shingle cutting, allowing a simple and fast single-bolt installation on existing composition shingle or asphalt shingle roofs. The platform is available in aluminum mill or black finish, features a 9-by-11-inch aluminum flashing and comes in a single- or double-slot L-foot option. For maximum versatility, installers can rotate the L-foot 360° to accommodate any rail or racking system or array orientation. The company also offers waterproof attachment systems for other types of pitched roofs, as well as in-person and online installation trainings.
Quick Mount PV / 925.478.8269 /

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