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Drawing on the company’s experience as a manufacturer and distributor of specialty fasteners for the commercial roofing industry, OMG Roofing Products has developed the PowerGrip roofmount system for solar mounting on low-slope roofs. The PowerGrip solution is compatible with thermoplastic roofing membranes, such as TPO and PVC, and supports many membrane types, thicknesses and brands. Mechanical connection to the roof deck or structure is accomplished using an appropriate fastener. The PowerGrip assembly then slides over the head of the fastener. Afterward, the integrated manufacturer-specific flange is heat-welded to the roof membrane. These mechanical connections are rated for 305 pounds each and reduce ballast material needs.

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The Radian Series GS8048 inverter/charger from OutBack Power provides system integrators with a powerful and scalable platform for off-grid and utility-interactive battery backup systems. Each Radian GS8048 supplies 120/240 Vac and is capable of providing 8,000 watts of continuous power and supporting high surge loads for shorter durations. For larger systems, up to 80 kW continuous, the ac inputs and outputs of up to 10 GS8048 inverter/ chargers can be connected in parallel using standard ac distribution panels. Each unit supports dual ac inputs—for the utility grid and a backup generator— and will accommodate an integrated BOS load center. Prewired options are available.

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PANELCLAW  Booth 3331

PanelClaw has added the Kodiak Bear mounting system to its portfolio of ballasted racking products. The new system is available in 10° and 15° tilt angles and utilizes proprietary, hydraulically compressed ballast that integrates with the racking system. The total array platform load, including racking, ballast and modules, ranges from approximately 3.5 to 9 psf. Modules are installed in landscape format. The Kodiak Bear product includes wind deflectors, rubber roof-membrane protection pads and integrated wire management. The solution is suitable for low-slope roof applications with a maximum pitch of 5° and is covered by a 10-year standard warranty.

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POWER-ONE  Booth 1749

Power-One is releasing two microinverters targeted for the US market rated at 250 W and 300 W. Both models are designed to connect to 240 Vac or 208 Vac electrical circuits. The inverters’ high-frequency transformer allows installations with modules that require grounding of either pole on the dc input side. Power-One offers a wireless communication hub, the Aurora CDD, which can support up to 30 microinverters. New string inverters from Power-One include the Aurora Uno, designed for residential and small commercial installations, and the Trio line, with 3-phase ac output for connection to commercial services. Both string inverter lines include models with or without isolation transformers.

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