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Magnum Energy

Magnum Energy, founded in 2006, designs and manufactures inverter-chargers for mobile, marine, off-grid and backup power applications, as well as producing PV charge controllers, component integration panels and system monitoring equipment. Magnum was the first manufacturer to offer inverter-charger models with split-phase 120/240 Vac output in the US. Its 24 Vdc and 48 Vdc nominal MS-PAE series inverter-chargers connect to the grid for ac battery charging, but do not export power to the utility grid without the integration of an ac-coupled third-party string or microinverter system. In 2016, Magnum announced its MicroGT 500 microinverter. Designed for integration with the company’s battery-based inverter-charger systems, as well as for use in grid-direct power export applications, the MicroGT 500 communicates with Magnum Energy battery-based inverters in ac-coupled mode to taper the charge based on temperature-compensated battery state-of-charge parameters. Each dual-MPPT microinverter supports two PV modules.

In 2015, Magnum launched its PT-100 solar charge controller, which is compatible with 12, 24 and 48 Vdc nominal battery systems and has a maximum output power rating of 6,600 W. Its maximum input voltage is the lower value of either 200 Vdc plus battery voltage or 240 Vdc. The PT-100 controller also provides GFDI and arc-fault circuit interrupter protection. Magnum offers an extensive line of prewired power panels and accessories for component integration.

Magnum Energy • Everett, WA • 425.353.8833 •

Mercedes-Benz Energy

Most people know Mercedes-Benz for its luxury vehicles, but its development efforts in the electric vehicle market have driven its recent entry into the North American market for stationary solar-plus-storage systems. Mercedes-Benz, a global automobile manufacturer and a division of the German company Daimler AG, offers a good example of global automotive manufacturers driving the advancement of battery technology not only for vehicles, but also for stationary applications.

Daimler’s wholly owned ACCUmotive subsidiary manufactures Mercedes-Benz energy storage systems. The Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home product line has a modular design based on 2.5 kWh battery modules, with total product storage capacities ranging from 2.5 kWh to 20 kWh. The comp-any backs its energy storage product with a 10-year warranty that guarantees greater than 80% capacity at year 10. Batteries from Mercedes-Benz Energy are currently available in select California markets through national integrator Vivint Solar. Vivint is the first solar provider to offer and install Mercedes-Benz energy storage products in the US.

Mercedes-Benz Energy • Stuttgart, Germany •

OutBack Power

Founded in 2001, OutBack Power is a manufacturer of power electronics for stand-alone off-grid and utility-interactive battery-based renewable energy systems. In 2010, the Alpha Group acquired OutBack Power. OutBack’s flagship power conversion equipment includes the FX inverter-charger line and its MX series charge controllers. The FXR/VXFR series hybrid inverter-chargers offer stand-alone, backup and utility-interactive solar export functionality and feature seven operational modes, including GridZero, which prioritizes the use of battery or renewable sources to power loads and uses renewable energy sources such as PV only to recharge a system’s battery pack. An Advanced Battery Charging profile option supports lithium-ion battery technologies. In 2011, OutBack released its Radian series of hybrid, utility-interactive split-phase 120/240 Vac inverter-chargers. Available in 4,000 W and 8,000 W power classes, the Radian features two ac inputs for grid and ac generator connectivity.

Since its launch, OutBack has focused development efforts on system integration packages that allow prewiring and testing at certified facilities to reduce installation time and complexity in the field. OutBack’s SystemEdge prebundled equipment packages build on this early component integration focus. With the introduction of four VRLA storage batteries optimized for specific applications such as float service or regular deep cycling, as well as integration with its power conversion equipment, OutBack now offers an extensive product family for energy storage applications listed to the relevant UL standards from end to end. Additionally, it has a next-generation energy storage system, Skybox, in development.

OutBack Power • Arlington, WA • 360.435.6030 •

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