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A Manufacturer and Product Line Guide

Solar Carports

Headquarters: Sarasota, Florida
Contact: • 941.702.2342

With manufacturing facilities in California and Virginia, Solar Carports specializes in the design and installation of structural canopies to support solar power systems. It offers several pre-engineered designs as well as custom carport and canopy designs. Standard models include partial cantilever, full cantilever and tee upslope and downslope configurations, as well as inverted configurations. Options include galvanized and painted finishes, watertight canopies, gutters, downspouts, and LED canopy under lighting. Solar Carports’ affiliate, Sarasota-headquartered Region Solar, provides full EPC and project management services for installations deploying Solar Carport’s structures.

Structural Solar

Headquarters: Chicago
Contact: • 708.275.9030

Structural Solar provides solar carport and canopy design-build and contract manufacturing services to solar developers, integrators and EPCs based on site-specific and project-specific requirements. Its services range from solar structure design and engineering to fully manufactured and installed structural systems in locations nationwide, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In addition to providing carport and canopy designs, Structural Solar offers waterproof structures for frameless glass-on-glass bifacial PV module installations.


Headquarters: San Jose, California
Contact: • 800.786.7693

Publicly held SunPower designs, manufactures and deploys high-efficiency PV modules and systems worldwide for residential, commercial and utility-scale projects. Founded in 1985, SunPower announced its initial public stock offering in 2005 (ticker: SPWR). In 2015, SunPower acquired Solaire Generation, a well-established solar carport and canopy design, fabrication and installation firm founded in 2008.

Solaire by SunPower’s product line includes patented solutions for large-scale parking lot and garage-top applications. Its carport configurations include single-column, single-cantilever and double-cantilever tee designs on a single incline; dual-incline inverted designs; and dual-column long-span designs. For example, its Long Span 360 product covers two parallel parking rows and an internal drive aisle with one contiguous PV-covered canopy that has an array inclination angle of 1°–10°. Another example is its 360 D model, which has a dual-incline configuration that safely directs snow and ice to the center of the structure. It features a standard minimum drive aisle clearance of 13 feet, 6 inches, and is available in widths of 34 feet to 41 feet, column-to-column spacing of 18 feet to 32 feet and inclination angles of 1° to 15°.

In 2015, SunPower launched its highly integrated Helix PV system platform for commercial and industrial low-slope rooftop, carport and tracked PV systems. The system is standardized but configurable. It incorporates five major value-engineered component groups: modules, mounting hardware, cable management, power stations and energy analytics. Several configurations of the Helix Carport Structure are available, and all feature the Helix platform’s integrated approach. Components and features include high-efficiency SunPower panels, a mechanical mounting and electrical system, a column-mounted plug-and-play inverter power station, SunPower EnergyLink Monitoring hardware and software, and LED lighting. Design options include painted columns and beams, snow guards, and decking and branding solutions.

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