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A Manufacturer and Product Line Guide

Envision Solar International

Headquarters: San Diego
Contact: • 866.746.0514

Envision Solar International is a San Diego–based technology company with solar solutions for electric vehicle charging, media and branding, and energy security systems. Founded in 2006, the company went public in 2010 (ticker: EVSI). Envision Solar offers two specialty solar canopy lines: the EV ARC and the Solar Tree. Designed for stand-alone PV-powered electric vehicle charging, the EV ARC line includes several models, such as the EV ARC 3, which has a 3.4 kW canopy-mounted array coupled with 22.5 kWh of energy storage, and the EV ARC 4, which has a 4.1 kW array and 30 kWh of energy storage. Both models are equipped with dc chargers for plug-and-play electric vehicle charging. The EV ARC Digital model combines the EV ARC 4 with an outdoor-rated screen for advertising and branding. In addition, Envision Solar developed the EV ARC Bike/Moto, for electric bike and motorcycle charging. Like the EV ARC products, the Solar Tree line handles stand-alone power generation and vehicle charging. The Solar Tree DCFC (DC Fast Charger) is a compelling option for sites where customers desire fast dc charging for electric vehicles but utility power is not present or is expensive to access.

Florian Solar

Headquarters: Georgetown, South Carolina
Contact: • 800.356.7426

Florian Solar is a designer and manufacturer of integrated solar structures including sunrooms, greenhouses, canopies, awnings, skylights, and residential and small-scale commercial carports. The third-generation privately owned company was founded in 1947. It partnered with Sanyo, an early manufacturer of glass-on-glass bifacial modules, to develop its first line of solar structures in 2007. Florian’s product line features designs with a high level of aesthetic appeal that fill a niche market in the solar industry; for example, its sunroom and awning systems can completely conceal module interconnect and homerun conductors. While Florian can integrate most module types into its integrated structures based on customer preference, it frequently utilizes bifacial modules from Prism Solar Technologies and Sunpreme. Its structural designs do not shade the back side of installed modules, enabling the back-side generation potential of these products to be harnessed.

Lumos Solar

Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado
Contact: • 303.449.2394

Established in 2006, Lumos Solar is a privately held company that designs and manufactures two lines of frameless, glass-on-glass modules, as well as integrated rail systems and wireways that conceal conductors, protecting them from damage while improving the visual aesthetics of the array in the built environment. Integrators commonly deploy Lumos systems in solar awning, canopy and carport systems. The Lumos in-house design and engineering team assists customers with conceptual renderings, PE wet-stamped engineering drawings and packages to streamline project permitting.

Lumos Solar developed the LSX and GSX module and rail systems for integration with elevated solar structures, both of which integrate with most third-party solar carport and canopy structural array support systems. The LSX system includes frameless, glass-on-glass 60-cell modules rated at 265 W, 270 W and 275 W at standard test conditions. These modules integrate with the LSX Rail 1.1 system, which includes an integrated wireway. The recently launched GSX Bifi system uses 60-cell bifacial GSX modules rated at 300 W STC for front-side power production and a combined front-side and back-side rating of 330 W per IEC bifacial measurement standard (IEC 60904-1-2 TS). Its mounting and racking system conceals the module junction box and creates a waterproof array surface.

M Bar C Construction

Headquarters: San Marcos, California
Contact: • 760.744.4131

MBar C Construction is a family-owned and -operated manufacturing and construction firm. The company was founded as M Bar C Carports in 1975 and began developing and installing carports for solar applications in 1997. In 2005, it reestablished itself as M Bar C Construction. The company specializes in both light- and heavy-gauge steel prefabricated and custom parking lot and structure canopies for large-scale projects. It incorporates elevated steel structure design, manufacturing and installation, as well as commercial and industrial electrical services through its M Bar C Electric division. In addition to manufacturing structural steel elements for carports and canopies, M Bar C Construction has developed the SOLAR F.I.T. (Fast Install Track) SYSTEM, which uses a channel system rather than top-mount clamps to secure modules to a substructure. This approach allows installers to mount modules from below and eliminates some of the OSHA safety concerns associated with typical top-mount systems. M Bar C Construction primarily serves the Western US, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada and Oregon. Approximately 90% of its installations are design-and-build projects.

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