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“Chint Power Systems (CPS) is currently shipping four 3-phase string inverter models. The 14 kW and 20 kW units are for 600 Vdc applications, and the 23 kW and 28 kW models are designed for 1,000 Vdc systems. While we do have large multi-MW installations with our 600 Vdc line, the majority of large-scale systems are designed with the 1,000 Vdc product line. The 23 kW and 28 kW inverters are dual MPPT, with best-in-class efficiency at 98% CEC, and ship with a standard integrated wiring box that is also separable. They offer integrated AFCI functionality and high-power output at 480 Vac. Users can install the inverters in vertical or horizontal (15°) orientations. The entire product line ships standard with advanced utility-interactive control features including remote power-factor control, reset and dynamic ramp-rate control.”

Sukriti Jain, applications engineer, Chint Power Systems, North America

“Fronius now offers the Fronius Symo line of string inverters designed for commercial and utility 3-phase systems. The Symo portfolio comprises nine lightweight, transformerless 1,000 Vdc inverters with dual MPPTs. Symo 240/208 Vac and 480 Vac models are available from 10 kW to 24 kW.”

Moe Mahone, key account manager of commercial sales, US, Fronius

“KACO new energy’s central inverter family includes the XP500U-TL, XP550U-TL, blueplanet 750 TL3, blueplanet 875 TL3 and blueplanet 1000 TL3. All models have a large range of reactive power support (0.2 lead/lag) and full apparent power (kVA) at 50°C, and are compatible with most global grid codes for utility interaction. Distributed 3-phase string inverter models include blueplanet 32.0, 40.0 and 50.0 TL3, and Powador 60.0 and 72.0 TL3. The blueplanet inverters are listed to UL 1741 standards. The Powador models are CE certified for international use. All string inverter models have a large range of reactive power support (0.6 lead/lag) and full apparent power (kVA) at 50°C or higher, and are compatible with most global grid codes for utility interaction.”

Bill Reaugh, senior director of product management, KACO new energy

“SMA’s utility-scale product portfolio includes string and central inverters for systems 2 MW or greater and interconnecting at medium voltage. SMA’s string inverter solution for projects of this size—where array-mounted dc combiners are not required, since the inverter itself takes their place—is the Sunny Tripower. The Tripower series allows for a decentralized design for utility-scale plants and includes 3-phase 480 Vac, 4-wire models from 12 kW to 24 kW with built-in AFCI, dc step-up and dual MPPT inputs for maximum string flexibility. The 60 kW MLX 60 string inverter completes the product family.

“For central inverters, SMA offers 19 Sunny Central models ranging from 500 kW to 2,500 kW. For a complete system solution, the Compact Medium Voltage Power Platform and Utility Power System solutions package central inverters, medium-voltage transformers and all related BOS equipment as a complete assembly built in a controlled environment. SMA’s central inverter portfolio gives designers opportunities for 600 Vdc, 1,000 Vdc and 1,500 Vdc systems; a variety of MPPT and operating ranges; multiple inputs and fuse sizes; proven grid support functionality; reactive power capabilities; class-leading efficiencies; and the highest power densities available.”

Ryan LeBlanc, senior application engineer, SMA America

“SolarEdge’s SE20k model is a 20 kWac inverter that provides a distributed generation solution for today’s utility PV plants. Combined with our P700 2-to-1 power optimizers that allow connection of two 72-cell modules in series, the SE20k offers high-energy yield, increased design flexibility, module-level monitoring and SafeDC architecture.”

Dru Sutton, technical marketing manager, SolarEdge

“Solectria offers three 1,000 Vdc, 3-phase 480 Vac transformerless string inverters with capacities of 23 kWac, 28 kWac and 36 kWac. The inverters feature dual MPPT with four fused inputs per tracker. Solectria’s 1,000 Vdc, 3-phase 380 Vac central inverter models include the 500 kW SGI 500XTM and the 750 kW SGI 750XTM. Both models are designed for direct connection to an external transformer and can be configured as 1 MW or 1.5 MW Solar Stations. Available utility-scale options include a plant master controller and advanced grid-management features such as voltage and frequency ride through, reactive power control, real power curtailment and power factor control.”

Eric Every, senior applications engineer, Solectria—A Yaskawa Company

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