2016 Single and 3-Phase String Inverter Specifications

Updated for 2016, SolarPro’s current string-inverter dataset includes 143 string inverter models from 13 manufacturers. A Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) has listed all the products in the table to the UL 1741 standard. In addition, most of the inverters are identified in the CEC list of eligible inverters per SB1 guidelines. All of the manufacturers represented maintain one or more established US sales and technical support offices.

The last edition of our string-inverter dataset was published in the August/September 2014 issue of SolarPro, where I identified some high-level trends that included an increasing shift to transformerless, non-isolated topologies, and the development of higher-power, higher-voltage 3-phase string inverters for commercial, industrial and select utility projects. These trends have continued over the past 18 months. More than 85% of the string inverters in this year’s dataset are non-isolated. As well, this year’s dataset features 55 3-phase units and 47 string inverters listed for applications over 600 Vdc. Notably, the highest-capacity inverter represented has a rated power output of 60 kW and weighs a mere 121 pounds.

On the vendor front, Advanced Energy was a significant exit from the inverter market, taking Refusol’s acquired line of 3-phase string inverters with it. SolarMax was another market exit worth mentioning. Finally, SolarEdge made a big splash at the Solar Power International conference with the announcement of its new MOSFET-based HD Wave topology. Corresponding datasheets and installation manuals were not available when I aggregated values for the 2016 edition of the SolarPro string inverter specifications dataset. I will update the Excel-based version of this dataset when these specifications are released.

From the "Inside This Article" sidebar you can download a Microsoft Excel file containing the inverter specifications compiled in this table. SolarPro permits and encourages solar design and installation companies to integrate this data with their own sales and design databases.


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