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A new method of calculating reflective glint and glare allows the minute-fine simulation of reflections of solar power plants and glass facades in 3D and the creation of images and videos.

Solar Glare Assessments are needed for solar power plants, when drivers or pilots of cars, planes or the railroad are in danger to be dazzled be reflections. Neighbors too, have a right to be protected from unreasonable glint and glare.

New software for Solar Glare Assessment now allow a detailed simulation in three-dimensional space. For the first time not only the mirror image of the sun is taken into account when computing the glaring hazard, but also scattered rays of lights. PV-panels and solar thermal panels often have a rough, structured surface in order to absorb more light. This prolongs the duration of reflections from the sun passing by over the sky. In addition, it makes the reflection of the sun appear larger.

The new algorithm for reflection calculation guarantees a higher, minute-fine resolution during the day and a daily resolution over the whole year. Now that the point in time and the duration of a glare from simulation correspond exactly with the measurements in nature, better evidence is provided for the assessment of the reasonableness of a glaring hazard. The line of visions to the glaring surface is also calculated exactly, which is especially relevant in glare assessments for road traffic. Finally, the complete representation of all scattered sunrays allows for a precise 3D-rendering, so that the simulated images and videos of the planned installation provide a realistic impression of the structure and its glaring surfaces even before construction.

Zehndorfer Engineering Consulting focuses on planning, construction and the technical assessment of photovoltaic power plants. Additionally, the company executes electrical and light engineering surveys and commissioning. Jakob Zehndorfer is advisor to the Austrian court of law and has more than 10 years of experience in the area of photovoltaics and semiconductors. As THE specialist for Glint and Glare Assessment he has executed numerous studies, reports and surveys for PV plants, solar-thermal plants and glass facades in Europe and the Middle East. Please contact us at


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