Through Wind and Rain, Roof Tech Makes a Believer Out of Solarize Financial



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Through Wind and Rain, Roof Tech Makes a Believer

Out of Solarize Financial 


Chula Vista, CA – (December 20, 2016) – Steven Petersen is project director of Solarize Financial, based just outside Charleston, South Carolina. When his business partner introduced him to Roof Tech products, he knew he had found a great solution for his residential customers. “Initially, I thought RT E Mount AIR® couldn’t possibly be as strong as railed systems,” he admits. “But the first time I used it, it became clear that E Mount AIR is far less intrusive on the roof, and doesn’t compromise the integrity of the roof the way railed systems can.” In the fall of 2016, Petersen had occasion to appreciate the real strength of E Mount AIR when a major meteorological event affected his region.

RT E Mount AIR® stays strong in the face of Hurricane Matthew

Tropical Storm Matthew formed near the Windward Islands in late September 2016 and soon became a Category 5 hurricane. Matthew went on to leave a path of destruction and the coastal areas of North and South Carolina were especially hard hit. Although Matthew was downgraded to a Category 1 by the time it made landfall on the coast of South Carolina on October 8th, high winds and storm surges caused major damage across the region. Petersen remembers that day well. “Wind gusts were well over 100 miles per hour,” he recalled. “Anyone in the business of installing PV systems had real cause for alarm.”  By that time, Solarize Financial had installed RT E Mount AIR on about 200 homes - about 1.5 megawatts in all. “Every panel installed using E Mount AIR stayed securely in place during Matthew,” he said. “Not one of those homeowners had a single problem with their PV system. It was really impressive.”

Now Roof Tech is part of every Solarize Financial proposal package.

Petersen takes great pride in his detailed project proposals. “I’m very confident in our bids and our engineering always exceed the customer’s expectations,” he explained. “Now every proposal includes an eight-page piece on Roof Tech products, so that customers can learn for themselves why rail-less PV systems are often preferable to railed systems for residential projects.” Even before deciding to close with Solarize, customers are given the advantage of a proprietary process to design the perfect PV system for their home, completely complementary. “We provide schematics that show every part of the system, from inverters and panels to mounting hardware,” he said. “Then we prepare two simulations using our advanced software system.” Customers have been impressed with the new technology that Roof Tech adds to the overall product.

Ready to keep up with demand in a growing solar market.

Petersen explained that South Carolina was fairly late in embracing the benefits of solar, but is moving quickly to catch up. “In terms of incentives, our state went from being number 50 among U.S. states to being in the top five,” he said. “Now, the market is growing exponentially.” As he looks ahead, Petersen is confident he’ll continue to use Roof Tech products. “E Mount AIR is faster to install, less expensive, and far more esthetic on the roof. I may have been skeptical at first, but now I’m definitely a believer!”

About Solarize Financial  

Solarize Financial was founded in late 2014 and operates from its headquarters in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, just outside Charleston. After working with a nationwide solar provider for many years, Petersen believed he could provide a more individualized experience for customers ready to make this important lifestyle change. Today, Solarize serves both residential and commercial customers throughout the Carolinas. All services are provided by their in-house team, which uses a proprietary engineering process to tailor PV systems to each job. His team works to provide transparency throughout the project, and encourages open communication as the key to providing the best solar experience in the marketplace.

About Roof Tech

Roof Tech, Inc., is the first U.S. subsidiary of Yanegiken, a Japanese company renowned for more than four decades of innovative roofing technologies. In June 2012, Roof Tech established its U.S. operations and is headquartered in Chula Vista, California. Roof Tech has a national network of distributors in place to provide its unique PV solar mounting solutions for residential and commercial projects. Roof Tech has three signature products: RT-[E] Mount®, E Mount AIR® and U set Solar®. All are fully code-compliant and offer compact, watertight performance for rooftop solar installations.

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