Obton enters the Canadian market with full effect through an equity investment into the experienced renewable energy developer Perimeter Solar Inc.

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Obton enters co-ownership deal with recognized Canadian project developers, Perimeter Solar Inc. The co-ownership means that Obton now owns 49% of the company, who has more than 280 MW under development in, Canada.
At the beginning of June 2017, the parties signed a deal that makes Danish investment company Obton a substantial shareholder in the well-established Perimeter Solar Inc., which develops PV projects in Canada. This past year, Perimeter Solar Inc. has been very active, in particular in developing solar projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Obton sees great potential in Canada where the ambition is to supply the future Canadian energy market with large amounts of power from solar and wind energy.
Obton’s chief negotiator behind the deal with Perimeter Solar Inc, Mikkel Berthelsen, has the following comment on the deal:
‘I’m extremely satisfied with how the negotiations went. There can be no doubt that this is an extremely professional and ambitious company, which we are thrilled to become a part of’.
Indeed, Mikkel Berthelsen has nothing but praise for the team at Perimeter Solar Inc.:
‘Hugh, Philipp and Daniel make an experienced and visionary development team. Together with Obton’s extensive experience from PV projects on the European continent, I’m certain that we have the right setup to create solid high-quality PV projects in Canada.’
The Canadian team is also expressing their joy over the agreement. Director of Business Development, Phillip Andres, says: ‘I look forward to cooperating with the professional and experienced people from Obton, who for several years have proven that they are capable of planning and executing major PV projects. I’m convinced that together we will be able to make a real impact in the Canadian market.’
Over a number of years, Obton has become one of the major players in the European PV market; however, our ambitions extend much further, so Obton’s entry into the Canadian market matches perfectly with the company’s ambitious growth strategy.

About Obton A/S:

Obton is an investment and management company specialized in renewable projects. Obton represents Danish retail investors and manages a rapid growing PV portfolio of currently 250MW with an enterprise value of EUR 650m. The plants are primarily located in France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

About Perimeter Solar Inc.:
Perimeter Solar is involved in solar energy development across Canada. Our experience in the renewable energy field, combined with our backgrounds in agriculture and the natural sciences, help us realize opportunities where others do not. As a developer, we work with businesses and landowners to help generate added value through solar energy leases and partnerships.