Martin Herzfeld Expands Superior and Unique Training in Solar (PV) Technology

Martin Herzfeld - California Contractor License #833782


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Martin Herzfeld has expanded contracts and agreements with now six (6) training locations including five (5) community based organization and two (2) WASC accredited adult education locations in California. In addition, Martin Herzfeld is an Adjunct Professor at a California college and teaches both advanced and beginning coursework. In addition, Martin provides both a relevant and unique solar PV technology training course and is a registered NABCEP Advanced Continuing Education (CE) Training Provider for Certification and Recertification Classes in Solar (PV) Technology.

Martin provides not only installation training correlation to tasks and domains performance related, but also identified and accepted as the baseline or foundation needed to safely install PV systems.


Martin Herzfeld, IREC Certified Master Trainer™ for PV Installation Professional - one in few awarded in California. As a master trainer, he has completed more than enough hours to meet the rigorous standard in a variety of settings including curriculum development for over 5 years, with high recommendations from both students and colleagues. Specifically, he has demonstrated and met requirements Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) Standard. In addition, to lecturing at the European Energy Centre (EEC), Martin Herzfeld brings a classroom setting that focuses on adult education and bringing individuals back into the workforce. Including work at West Contra Costa Adult Education and various community based organizations. Martin has taught a variety of students from young adults to season career professionals.

Mr. Herzfeld is also an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified PV System Installer #17 - with requirements including an Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration (OSHA) 30 for safety and hands-on experience the solar industry. His additional professional experiences are highlighted by the numerous licenses he holds, California Contractors State License Board #833782 - Solar C46, Low Voltage C7 - Instrumentation - Monitoring, Pole Installation & Maintenance D31 [Multiple Pole Mounts (MPMs), Top of Pole Mounts (TPMs) and Single Pole Mounts (SPMs)] and Trenching D56 applicable for both roof and ground-mounts with more than 10 years experience. Martin is a CompTIA certified technical classroom trainer (CTT+) since 2010 and an accredited business - Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2008.

Martin Herzfeld provides unique up to date training and 1 day seminars or 1 week workshops in solar and safety as an OSHA-Authorized Construction Trainer to teach both OSHA 10-hour and OSHA-30 hour courses. He has served as an official subject matter expert (SME), expert witness and contract technical inspector for various companies and organizations. Some solar companies are not qualified to contract or hire Martin. For those qualifying companies, he provides Management of Projects and Consulting Services #LP982061. Martin installed and uses a ground-mounted 2.5kW PV system since 2004.

He conferred his bachelors degree in Management in 1992. In the 1980s, Martin began his career teaching electronics at an observatory and volunteering to the public in the study of solar astronomy. Learn more information on Martin Herzfeld at