HT Instruments Introduces the Industry’s FIRST 1,500 Volt I-V Curve Tracer

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Striving to match the emerging needs of the Solar PV industry, HT Instruments Introduces the 1st 1,500V Curve Tracer enabling easy testing for a new age of Solar Installations.

  • 1,500 Volts
  • 15 Amp Current Limit
  • Same proven professional instrument as the leading I-V400w with the same interface, WiFi connectivity, storage and software for report generation.
  • New KITKELVIN probes speed up Test Time with Multi String Auto sequence™ that reduces test time by up to 75%!

Billings, Montana., June 1, 2017

HT Instruments today announced production of the I-V500w Photovoltaic Curve Tracer.  This new 1,500 Volt PV product is designed for large projects utilizing the savings associated with >1,000 V systems. The I-V500w is the latest of a long line of Professional Solar Testers from HT Instruments dating back well over a decade.

The I-V500w simplifies the complex tasks of correctly testing PV Panels and Strings.  The instrument can be easily set up for the full I-V curve tracing or to measure the Voc and the Isc with our IV FastCheck feature. To reduce test complexity we also offer an Auto calculation of the Cell Temperature and Rs. Finally, the NEW KitKelvin probes can greatly hasten testing with Auto Sequence™ capability that reduced full IV test time to <15 seconds and automatically set up the next test. 

The I-V500w provides a large viewable screen and a medium frame size that is lightweight (1.2kg) to enable full viewing of the curves in real time without the need for an external device. The product is light enough to be operated by one technician yet powerful enough to handle all testing of I-V curves.
HT’s Solar Test tools are all designed with capabilities utilizing industry standards including:

  • Built in WiFi which further enhances the user experience. No specialized protocols.
  • HTAnalysis APP is available for the Android or iOS devices with seamless connection via WiFi.
  • TopView© the HT Software Package is a solution for all our customers’ setup, updating, archival, analysis, display and output of the info for reporting.  TopView© is free as well as access to the HT Cloud for easy migration of data.

The I-V500w is our latest product to join the most complete offering of PV testing in the world.
Price and Availability
The price is set at $4,195 with deliveries starting on June 1st in North America
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