Florida Solar One Hosts The US Solar Institute’s Real World Training Program

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Florida Solar One Hosts The US Solar Institute’s Real World Training Program

Local solar panel installation company helps America’s premier and only solar training college

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Florida Solar One (FS1) has been awarded the title of Florida’s fastest growing alternative energy corporation in the state, and come to be known as an exceptional solar panel installation company. With such prestige, comes the responsibility of helping other local solar companies, and one of them is The US Solar Institute. For the past 10 years, The US Solar Institute has been training some of the country’s finest solar installers, and Florida Solar One did not want to miss out on the opportunity to assist in their training. Knowing how difficult it is to find qualified installers, FS1 wanted to do its part to help train the next wave of personnel.

Along with students from USSI, the FS1 team installed a 10kW system in the heart of Oakland Park, Florida. Florida Solar One insists on using American made products and equipment. Everything used by the company is listed by Underwriters Laboratory. The homeowners, Craig and Barbara Berns, changed the roof of the house, and chose a standing metal seam roof because it is the easiest and safest type of roof to put solar panels on. “The system looks great on my house, and I am definitely looking forward the savings that come with it,” said Mr. Berns.

The amount of energy produced by the solar installation and its positive effects on the environment is significant. The system, completed on March 9th, will produce an estimated 13,253 kWh of power per year. This amount of clean energy equals a lifetime saving of 272 tons of CO2, or 265,043 pounds of coal. To accomplish the same reduction of CO2 emissions, one would need to plant 6,338 trees.

Mr. Berns chose to work with solar panel installation company, Florida Solar One, on this project for the same reliable reason that many other homeowners have made – through recommendations from friends and family. “Ray Johnson was highly recommended to me as the person who will do the job right, on time, under budget, and up to code – ensuring no problems with the installation, while doing so with the best equipment available” said Mrs. Berns. “Through research, I learned that Florida Solar One is the most reputable, knowledgeable, and experienced solar panel installation company in South Florida and the Caribbean. The process was flawless as Ray (the owner of Florida Solar One) made sure that all issues were simply resolved. I enjoyed the auto-pilot approach of working with FS1...just sign the agreement and begin taking progress photos.”

Quick Facts:

Location: Oakland Park, FL

Project Size: 8.9kW AC

Project Completion: March, 2017

Project Will Produce: 13,253 kWh per year

CO2 Saved on System Life: 272 tons

Coal Burned Required to Produce Same Amount of Power: 265,034 pounds

Equal to planting 6,338 trees


Brands used:

Solar Panels: Suniva

Racking: SnapNRack

Inverter: SolarEdge

Solar Panel Installer Company – FS1

About Florida Solar One: Florida Solar One is a leading solar contractor for the South-East region including the Caribbean and Latin America, specializing in hurricane force solar installations. Florida Solar One is the contracting company with high profile project experience such as the Kennedy Space Center, and Key West Naval Base . The staff holds Solar Certification & Licensure from Underwriters Laboratory, NABCEP, USREE and the State of Florida Construction Licensing Board and Department of Business and Professional Regulation.