Local Solar Pioneer Hoping Trump Sees the Light

Built Well Solar


New York



“Donald Trump just needs to be educated about solar energy,” Long Island solar pioneer Dan Sabia said recently in reference to misinformation the now president-elect stated during his campaign.

“During his campaign, Donald Trump said solar energy had a 32-year payback, which is ridiculous,” Mr. Sabia, founder and CEO of Built Well Solar, noted. “I actually thought he meant 3.2 years, which is much closer to reality, since the average payback for a residential system on Long Island, for example, is 4 ½ to 5 years, after which all solar production generated is free.”

Since the current federal tax credit was passed by a bipartisan Congress just last December with a stepped down schedule built in, dropping from 30% to 10% by 2021, by all industry accounts it seems unlikely that any change will be made to that incentive. Two other factors expected to keep solar as a mainstay going forward are the fact that solar equipment costs have dropped considerably over the past several years, and that solar jobs have skyrocketed.

Both the affordability of solar energy and its job creation record should foster continued industry growth, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA). After the election, SEIA’s interim president Tom Kimbis spoke to this very point. We congratulate President-elect Donald Trump for his victory in this historic election,” he said. “The solar industry, born in America, is creating thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investments across American communities. SEIA's 1,000 member companies - the great majority of which are small businesses - will continue to innovate and provide clean, competitive, reliable, and affordable energy for all Americans."

“How can president-elect Trump argue with solar’s American job creation?,” Mr. Sabia asked.

“That’s one of the main tenets of his campaign, encouraging U.S. jobs. The momentum is there, and I strongly believe once he understands the true quick payback for solar and the magnitude of the industry and its jobs, the new president will come around, and may possibly be one of its biggest supporters.”

Built Well Solar is Long Island’s original solar energy company, in business since 2001, longer than any other company here. A “SOLAR 500” company, ranked among the 2016 Top 500 Solar Contractors in the United States, it has earned a Better Business Bureau A+ rating and was voted “Best of Long Island” for four consecutive years.

“We’re very proud to celebrate 15 years of helping thousands of our fellow Long Island homeowners and business owners to cut or eliminate their electric bills,” Mr. Sabia added. “And we look forward to continuing to make a difference to our neighbors, their wallets, and the planet we all live on, no matter who is president.”

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