Hail damage on roof or garage doors are not cause for alarm for many homeowners






Hail damage on roof or garage doors are not cause for alarm for many homeowners 


The weather forecast calls for hail, but should homeowners be concerned about possible hail damage on roof? This may depend on what type of shingles roof contractors have used and when a roof was last shingled. Many types of shingles, such as asphalt or concrete can withstand a piece of hail at least 2” in diameter, without having severe hail damage on roof facades. Some materials simply do not withstand the harsher weather elements. 


While hail damage on roof soffits may not be the only cause of concern for homeowners, it can dent up garage doors. Hail can cause hundreds of dollars of damage within a very short time. In addition to needing roof replacement, homeowners may also be considering new garage door installation. Whether insured for hail damage on roof soffits or not, roof contractors can help ease the process of a total roof replacement and recommend the best material to buy when considering a last-minute new garage door installation.


Is it necessary to buy a $4 shingle to protect against hail damage on roof?  


When severe weather hits, even the most eco-friendly shingling may not survive hail damage on certain roof areas. Homeowners may find they have a date with roofing contractors (to discuss garage door installation) and vehicle claims adjustors (to repair vehicle damage). 


Still, homeowners should not let that discourage them from buying eco-friendly products. Nevertheless, homeowners should be aware that the most expensive products on the market do not necessarily offer the best protection.  While a number of expensive materials do provide excellent protection and would be good for garage door installation, not every expensive product may offer the same assurance. How does a homeowner know, for instance, what garage door makers provide the most eloquent glass or fibreglass models?  Where can a homeowner find a garage door that does not look like a garage door, but opens on a vertical track or along-the-roofline track (as any standard garage door installation requires)?


Asking a roofing contractor can be a great way to learn about new roofing shingles or garage door materials. Because roofing contractors assist a number of customers and work with a number of business clients, this enables them to see which company’s products do withstand the harshest conditions. They can also offer customers honest reviews of which shingle installations or composite or steel materials are better when planning to install a garage door.