Solar PV for Architects: Evaluation & Design Fundamentals

Organized/Hosted by: 
NY-Sun PV Trainers Network
Event Date(s): 
Friday, September 22, 2017


NYSWDA Training Center
5896 Fisher Road
East Syracuse
New York
United States

The accredited course will provide architects and design professionals with a basic understanding of PV system components, common system types and operating characteristics. Participants will receive training on important design considerations for specifying PV technology as well as structural, electrical, and fire code issues associated with site assessments. Additionally, this training will provide the tools required to evaluate the economic performance and energy output of a solar electric system. This should not be considered a course that will provide all the information that one may require in this field.

Continuing Education credits are available:

AIA (American Institute of Architects): 3 Learning Units
DOS BSC: 3 in-service training hours from the New York Department of State, Division of Building Standards and Codes
Topic 1(Code Enforcement and Administration) - 2 hours
Topic 2 (Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code) - 1 hour

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