Safety & Fire Considerations for Solar PV

Organized/Hosted by: 
NY-Sun PV Trainers Network
Event Date(s): 
Thursday, September 21, 2017


Orange County Emergency Services Center
22 Wells Farm Road
New York
United States

This course will provide first responders, such as fire fighters and rescue personnel, with a training on safety precautions and fire code considerations with respect to the recognition and disabling of PV systems. This training will include solar technology identification on the premises, disconnecting methods, and code requirements for roof coverage by modules. Additionally, this training will address access to safe walking space, access to ventilation, location and identification of disconnect switches, DC and AC system conduits and conductors, and battery backup systems.

Continuing Education Units are available:

3 in-service hours from the NY Dept. of State Division of Building Standards & Codes under Topic 2 (Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code)

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