Introduction to Building Energy Modeling Workshop

Organized/Hosted by: 
Appalachian Energy Center
Event Date(s): 
Friday, September 15, 2017


Appalachian State University
North Carolina
United States

Interested in energy modeling but don’t know where to start? Through presentations and hands-on exercises this course will investigate the benefits, explore software options, costs, and resources available. Programs that will be demonstrated in the course are OpenStudio, BEopt, and REM/Rate. Participants will gain further understanding about appropriate uses for energy modeling at different phases of the design process.

Energy modeling is the practice of using computer-based programs to simulate and compare the energy performance of an entire building or the systems within a building. In response to the growing demand for qualified building energy modeling professionals, several organizations are offering certifications for energy modeling. For example, ASHRAE has a Building Energy Modeling Professional certification and the AEE certifies a Building Energy Simulation Analyst. Energy modeling is a must to meet the energy targets of the AIA 2030 Commitment.

Bring your personal laptop or reserve a loner computer for the hands-on activities (but not required). Software will be identified via email prior to the workshop to download. In addition, a remote question and answer session will be possible with industry and research professionals. Q&A format TBD.

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