Nexamp, Inc

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21 High St. Suite 209
01845 North Andover , MA
United States
Massachusetts US
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Listing Updated: 
August 29, 2016

Comprehensive and Integrated Solutions: Many companies offer only one-dimensional solutions. Nexamp takes a multi-dimensional approach. We integrate all available options (renewable, energy efficiency, procurement) into the most cost-effective solutions for our clients’ needs.

Client Centered: We believe that the best strategy for optimizing the value of energy and carbon reduction solutions is unique for each client.

Financially Sustainable: We know from experience that carbon reduction is not free. To minimize costs, we capture every source of cash savings, utilize all available federal and state financial incentives, and provide off-balance sheet financing, when needed.

Independent: We are not tied to any single supplier of equipment. Our sole criterion is how to deploy the most cost-effective technology solution for a given situation and client.