Automated Communication: Case Study

I use Agile CRM. One of the main reasons that I prefer this platform over others is that it includes the ability to create automated communication sequences with multiple contact media. Setting up an automated marketing sequence is as easy as pointing and clicking.

To start, select a trigger to initiate the sequence. For example, when prospects fill out a contact form requesting a buyer’s guide and submit an email address, they enter Agile CRM’s automated sequence. The first action that the system would take could be to email a buyer’s guide. The system could then wait 48 hours and then send an email asking the prospect to take a survey on your website (you can use a service such as SurveyMonkey to create surveys for free). At this stage, you may ask for additional information, such as a Twitter handle or a mobile number. Direct the system to wait 48 more hours and then send a text message that says “Lower your power bill by 20% by following these five energy conservation tips,” linked to an article on your website. After waiting another 48 hours, you can send an email asking the prospect to take a quiz to test solar knowledge, linked to a quiz you installed on your site using Qzrr ( In 48 more hours, the system could send the prospect an email offering to schedule an in-home presentation, accompanied by another incentive.

If the prospect does not respond to a predetermined number of communications during this part of the sequence, you can put that prospect into a new automated sequence. Instead of sending a contact every two days, the system would send a contact every month.

Anthony Fiorino , Solar Selling Solutions