Borrego Solar Systems: Anaheim Convention Center

The $5.7 million Anaheim Convention Center PV project was commissioned in August 2014. At the time of interconnection, the 2.372 MWdc installation was the largest city-owned, roof-mounted array on a convention center in North America. Borrego Solar Systems designed and installed the system, which Anaheim Public Utilities owns and manages.

The array comprises 7,908 Yingli Solar modules that cover 300,000 square feet on three rooftops of the convention center. SunLink’s Core RMS galvanized steel racking system minimizes ballast requirements by connecting both north-south rows and east-west array sections to form a structural grid that disperses loads across the array.

The system’s bipolar Advanced Energy AE 500NX-HE inverters require compatible array aggregation components. Bentek source-circuit combiners and recombiners designed for bipolar arrays meet this need. Installed at ground level, the four Advanced Energy inverters feed a 2,500 kVA 480 Vac–to–12 kVac transformer interconnected with the convention center’s 12 kV service.

Clear lines of communication are critical when working with a large facility such as this one. Faced with heavy traffic from a full calendar of events, Borrego Solar’s team met weekly with convention center staff and subcontractors on-site to present 3-week “look-aheads.” This coordination resulted in a nimble construction team that could mobilize crews and move equipment and staging areas as needed to stay clear of convention center operations.

“Installing solar on the convention center furthers the city’s commitment to renewable energy initiatives. Anaheim was able to add a cost-effective renewable resource that utilizes the abundant sunlight we are fortunate to have in this region.”

—Dukku Lee, general manager, Anaheim Public Utilities


DESIGNER: Aharon Wright, senior design engineer, Borrego Solar Systems,

LEAD INSTALLER: Mike Daugherty, senior project manager, Borrego Solar Systems



LOCATION: Anaheim, CA, 33.8°N

SOLAR RESOURCE: 5.18 kWh/m2/day

ASHRAE DESIGN TEMPERATURES: 88°F 2% avg. high, 36°F extreme min.



Equipment Specifications

MODULES: 7,908 Yingli Solar YGE-U72 YL300P-35B, 300 W STC, +3/-0%, 8.37 Imp, 35.8 Vmp, 8.86 Isc, 45.2 Voc

INVERTERS: 3-phase 12 kV medium-voltage service interconnection; four Advanced Energy AE 500NX-HE, 500 kW rated output, ±600 Vdc maximum input, ±330–550 Vdc MPPT range

ARRAY: Bipolar; 12 modules per source circuit (3,600 W, 8.37 Imp, 429.6 Vmp, 8.86 Isc, 542.4 Voc); 7–16 source circuits per combiner, 12 combiners per inverter; array total: 659 source circuits, 2.372 MWdc  

ARRAY INSTALLATION: TPO roof membrane, SunLink Core RMS racking system, 202° azimuth, 5° tilt

SOURCE-CIRCUIT COMBINERS: 48 Bentek Bipolar Integrated Disconnect BTK 16D 200 A, 1 Bentek Bipolar Integrated Disconnect BTK 12D 100 A, 15 A fuses

ARRAY RECOMBINERS: Three Bentek Bipolar recombiners, 12-pole, circuit breakers; one Bentek Bipolar recombiner, 14-pole, circuit breakers

SYSTEM MONITORING: AlsoEnergy with kiosk display

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