SunPower Launches Integrated System Platform

[San Jose, CA] SunPower’s recently announced Helix platform offers highly integrated solutions for commercial and industrial low-slope rooftop, carport and tracked PV systems. The Helix platform incorporates five major component groups: modules, mounting hardware, cable management, power stations and energy analytics. The ballasted Helix marine-grade aluminum dual-tilt and single-tilt rooftop mounting systems support snap-in-place module installation without tools. The Helix cable management system is based on premanufactured plug-and-play cabling and cable management components. The plug-and-play Helix Power Station includes 3-phase string inverters and mounts, an ac combiner, and dc branch and ac whips that eliminate all manual stripping and landing of conductors on the ac and dc sides of the inverter. SunPower’s EnergyLink software rounds out the Helix platform with high-resolution system monitoring and reporting that, for example, allows system operators to compare energy patterns and identify demand peaks across sites.

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