sonnen Launches Smart Storage System in US

[Los Angeles] In late 2015, sonnen began shipping its residential plug-and-play energy storage system, sonnenBatterie eco, to US dealers. Each unit carries a 10,000-cycle or 10-year warranty and integrates lithium-ion phosphate battery modules (4–16 kWh), an inverter (3–8 kW), data monitoring and control equipment within a NEMA 12 enclosure. Software allows the smart storage platform to support a variety of energy storage applications, including backup power, zero-export and rate arbitrage (energy time-shift). The company recently announced its distribution partnerships with SolarWorld and PetersenDean, and noted that it is working with Spruce Finance on a financing product. The sonnenBatterie eco meets the Hawaiian Electric Company’s advanced energy storage requirements and is approved for California’s Self-Generation Program.

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