SolarEdge Releases StorEdge Solution

[Herzliya Pituach, Israel] After successfully fielding initial StorEdge installations in late 2015, SolarEdge officially announced the commercial release of its dc-coupled energy storage solution in January. Compatible with high-voltage lithium-ion home battery products, such as Tesla’s Powerwall, the StorEdge platform can support backup power, self-consumption and other energy management applications. In a time-of-use regime, for instance, the single-inverter system can prioritize energy consumption from the grid during off-peak rate periods and later use stored solar energy to lower grid-energy consumption during on-peak periods. The backup power function allows homeowners to store and use PV-generated energy during grid outages. The StorEdge solution is based around SolarEdge’s existing technology, which includes non-isolated string inverters, dc-to-dc optimizers and module-level monitoring.

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