Solar-Log Offers Solar Feed-In Management

[Bethel, CT] With more than 230,000 solar plants monitored globally through nearly 1 million connected inverters generating over 10 GW of power, Solar-Log developed its technical solutions for grid feed-in and inverter power management for European self-consumption markets. All the company’s loggers (Solar-Log 300, 1200 and 2000) have power-management capabilities with the purchase and activation of a power-management software key and can provide feed-in control with the activation of power management when coupled with a consumption meter. By determining the instantaneous building load, Solar-Log can control grid feed-in based on a percentage of the total PV inverter power or in kW. In a zero grid export application, Solar-Log controls the inverters, allowing them to generate power to offset the building load but not export surplus energy to the grid.

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