MidNite Solar Offers Surge Protection Devices

[Arlington, WA] Three surge protection devices (SPDs) are available from MidNite Solar for both ac and dc circuit protection. The individual MNSPD models are available with 115, 300 and 600 V ratings and are listed to the UL 1449 rev3 standard. The SPDs are approved for indoor or outdoor installation, allowing the installer to locate the device as close as possible to the panel or equipment it is protecting. Each unit is equipped with LEDs that enable system operators to visually verify that the SPD is functioning and protecting the circuit. The SPDs are capable of clamping surges of up to 115,000 amps. MidNite also offers the MNSPDFMB flush-mounting kit, which allows recessed installation of the SPDs. The MNSPD products retail at $119, are serviceable, and carry a 5-year warranty.

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