AE Solar Energy Launches 1 MW Utility-Scale Inverter

[Fort Collins, CO] AE Solar Energy recently launched the AE 1000NX central inverter for utility-scale projects in North America. The product has a 1 MWac output power rating and is designed for 1,000 Vdc applications. The AE 1000NX utilizes a dual-array configuration (±550–±1,000 Vdc MPPT range) and includes eight dc busbars per polarity, with an option for 10 busbars per polarity. AE Solar Energy’s Combiner Level PV Tie offers dc-side conductor and BOS savings via field-connected neutral conductors. The inverter features advanced utility-interactive controls, including a range of frequency and voltage ride-through profiles that can be adjusted to meet regional utility requirements. It also offers a wide reactive power range. The inverter can be built for integration into a customer-engineered skid solution based on the AE 1000NX PowerStation platform. This prewired solution allows you to wire multiple inverters to a medium-voltage transformer, reducing on-site costs while meeting site-specific interconnection requirements. Integrated inverter data monitoring is included (10 years of storage at 5-minute intervals), and the product is compatible with third-party monitoring services.

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