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Headquarters: Shelby, North Carolina
Contact: • 888.608.0234

Schletter GmbH has a 40-year history in the design and manufacture of steel and aluminum products. The privately owned company founded its US subsidiary in 2008 with the launch of a sales and manufacturing facility in Tucson, Arizona. Its solar product portfolio includes mounting structures for carports, roofs and ground-mounted PV applications in the utility, commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Schletter’s Park@Sol carport line includes three standard configurations that accommodate single and double rows of parking. Its carport structures do not require on-site welding or cutting. Multiple foundation options are available, such as cast-in-place concrete ballasts, concrete pillars and micropiles. The micropile foundation, which allows a streamlined foundation design, uses a hollow metal rod that the construction team installs to an engineered depth to minimize concrete requirements while meeting high wind- and snow-load requirements. Schletter has an in-house staff of engineers and geotechnicians to assist with site-specific carport system engineering. It offers multiple options for its Park@Sol structures, including cable management, subdecking, inverter mounts, custom designs and color options, and branding solutions.


US Headquarters: Denver
Contact: • 303.522.3974

With its global headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, privately owned S:FLEX GmbH was founded in 2009. S:FLEX’s product lineup includes solutions for pitched and low-slope rooftops, ground-mounted systems and solar carport applications. Its standard carport products include full cantilever, partial cantilever, and tee upslope and downslope configurations, as well as an inverted configuration that channels precipitation runoff to the structure’s center. S:FLEX carport systems provide several module-row configuration options and are compatible with both framed and frameless modules mounted in portrait or landscape orientation. Standard array tilt angles of up to 15° are available

While S:FLEX engineers its column spacing and spans based on site-specific wind, snow and seismic load requirements, designs typically space columns at 27 feet on center and place them between every three parking bays, creating individual parking spaces that are 9 feet wide. Its carports are compatible with multiple foundation types, including spread footings and foundations with embedded helical piers. Carport options include integrated electrical grounding and industrial painting of steel structural components. S:FLEX supports carport projects with project-specific design and engineering, as well as installation support.

Skyline Solar

Headquarters: Gilbert, Arizona
Contact: • 480.926.0122

Skyline Solar is a division of Gilbert, Arizona–based Skyline Steel. Founded in 1983, Skyline Steel designs, manufactures and installs commercial covered parking structures. It recognized the added value that solar offered many of its carport customers and entered the solar industry in 2002, establishing Skyline Solar in 2009.

Skyline Solar offers products for solar applications including carports; large-area canopies for parking garages; bus and truck parking; RV, boat and self-storage facilities; electric vehicle charging stations; and commercial and utility-scale low-slope–roof and ground-mount structures. A design-build firm, Skyline Solar typically provides products and services to integrators, developers and EPC firms that are responsible for the installation and commissioning of solar power systems. Its services include project estimating and management, conceptual project renderings, structural plan sets and certifications in all 50 states, foundations, steel construction and erection, and PV module installation.

Skyline Solar offers a wide range of standard solar carport and canopy models as well as custom designs. Its prefabricated one-column SkyTree shade structure, supporting array capacities of up to 18 kW at a tilt angle of 5° or 10°, is well suited for small covered-parking installations. For large-scale projects, Skyline Solar offers single- and double-cantilever tee designs that support modules at tilt angles of 5°, 10° or 15° in portrait or landscape orientation. Its dual- and multiple-post solar canopies are intended for large parking areas, garage tops, school playgrounds and bus parking lots, and they allow module-mounting options including flat canopy, 5° canopy or louvered module installations at tilt angles of 5°, 10° or 15°. Skyline Solar also offers fastener solutions such as its SkyBite clip (ETL certified to UL 467), which permits installers to secure and electrically bond modules to the carport or canopy structure’s purlins from underneath the array.

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