Market Survey of Listed 1,000 Vdc PV System Components

In the summer of 2012, when we started working with Marvin Hamon and Greg Ball on the article “1,000 Vdc Utilization Voltages in Nonresidential PV Applications”, exactly one module manufacturer (MEMC) had publicly announced the release of a listed 1,000 V–rated PV module. Fast-forward 6 months, and over 200 different models of listed 1,000 V PV modules are available from 17 different manufacturers. It does not take a crystal ball to see where this is heading. More 1,000 V–rated products in every equipment class are on the way.

This article is intended to provide a representative snapshot of 1,000 V product availability at press time (February 2013). Since the certification and availability of products listed for 1,000 Vdc systems is changing rapidly, we do not expect this list to be comprehensive. In addition to the module, inverter, combiner and BOS product lines covered here, several manufacturers have initial or additional certification efforts either planned or under way.

PV Modules

While several module manufacturers have announced certification to UL 1703 for systems with maximum voltages of 1,000 Vdc over the last year, more have either quietly achieved this listing or have related testing and certification under way. We reached out to 65 module manufacturers that are active in the North American market for updates on 1,000 Vdc certification efforts, and discovered that roughly 25% of these companies either have listed 1,000 V PV modules or will soon. The following summaries include brief corporate backgrounds and overviews of specific product lines that are listed to UL 1703 for 1,000 V applications.

Integrators should be aware that during our research we identified instances where module specification sheets posted on a given company’s website were not up-to-date regarding 1,000 Vdc listing, even if the certification was complete. If you are planning to develop “in-front-of-the-fence” 1,000 V systems that require components to be listed to relevant UL standards, and you currently have preferred module suppliers that are not covered here, we recommend that you ask for updates through your regular sales channels.

Canadian Solar Founded in 2001 in Ontario, Canada, Canadian Solar is a publicly traded corporation that was listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market in 2006. The firm currently operates in 11 countries, with US sales offices located in San Ramon, California. In July 2012, Canadian Solar received certification to UL 1703 for maximum system voltages of up to 1,000 Vdc on four of its module lines. The certified product lines include UL 1000V CS6P-M (60-cell, mono, 245 W–260 W), UL 1000V CS6P-P (60-cell, poly, 240 W–255 W), UL 1000V MaxPower CS6X-M (72-cell, mono, 295 W–310 W) and UL 1000V MaxPower CS6X-P (72-cell, poly, 290 W–300 W). CSA Group performed testing and certification.
Canadian Solar / 925.866.2700 /

Centrosolar America Centrosolar America is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and its parent company, Centrosolar Group AG, was founded in 2005 in Munich, Germany. The publicly traded company introduced its modules to the US market in 2008 and recently listed its 60-cell polycrystalline E-Series module line to 1,000 Vdc. Intertek performed testing and certification to UL 1703. The 235 W to 265 W 1,000 Vdc– rated modules have a Q2 2013 projected release date.
Centrosolar America / 877.348.2555 /

Conergy Americas Conergy Group, a German module manufacturer, project developer and equipment wholesaler, was founded in 1998 and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Its US subsidiary was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Denver. CSA Group has tested and listed the company’s PH Series modules to UL 1703 for maximum system voltages of 1,000 Vdc. The 60-cell polycrystalline PH Series modules are available with rated power outputs of 230 W to 255 W. Conergy North America is scheduled to release a new PE Series module line in Q1 2013. Initially the product line will be listed for 600 Vdc applications, but the company plans to have the line listed for 1,000 Vdc applications in early 2013.
Conergy Americas / 888.396.6611 /

DelSolar Founded in 2004 at the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan, DelSolar is a joint venture of Delta Electronics and the Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute. In September 2012, UL listed four of DelSolar’s module lines for 1,000 Vdc applications: D6C_B3A-WS (60-cell, poly, 230 W– 250 W), D6S_B3A-WSf (60-cell, mono, 250 W–260 W), D6C_B4A-WS (72-cell, poly, 285 W–305 W) and D6S_B4A-WSf (72-cell, mono, 300 W–310 W).
DelSolar / 888.880.8868 /


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