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Tracking lead engagement. The right CRM software can track your leads’ engagement in multiple ways. First, it records and alerts you when a lead opens an email. It also records any engagement with the email, such as clicking on a link. For each action that your lead takes, the system records a score. You should base these scores on the value of the lead’s action as it relates to the probability that it will buy your product. The more a lead engages, the higher the score that lead accumulates, and when the score breaks your set threshold, that means it is time for sales to get involved to schedule a live appointment.

For example, if your lead opens an email, your CRM software can give that lead a score of 10. If the lead actually clicks on a link in the email, the software can give it an additional score of 20 for a total lead score of 30. Once the lead reaches a total score of, say, 80, the system can alert you to move that lead into the sales phase of the funnel. You can define the scores for engagement and the total lead score threshold. As you continue to use lead scoring, you can adjust score assignments that will help you optimize this process.

Content Marketing: Who Is It For?

The short answer is that it is for any business that wants to be successful. Content marketing, after all, at its heart is simply about giving your customers what they want—in this case, information. This is especially important in the solar market as we negotiate constant changes in legislation, tax incentives and technologies. We often need to educate our customers and prospects on the benefits of solar and how moving to solar can benefit them or their businesses.

Keep in mind that good content marketing does not necessarily require an investment in expensive software or consultants. If you have a website up and running, an email system, and perhaps a social media account or two, you can make this work. You just need to be aware that whatever information or offers you present to your target audience must be valuable to them and relevant to their needs.


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